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Redding, officially the City of Redding, is the county seat of Shasta County, California, in the northern part of the state. It lies along the Sacramento River, which provided transportation and power in its early years. Interstate 5 bisects the entire city, which has a population of 89,861, from the south to north before it approaches Shasta Lake, located about 15 miles (24 km) north of downtown. Redding is the largest city in the Shasta Cascade region, and it is the fourth-largest city in the Sacramento Valley, behind Sacramento, Elk Grove, and Roseville.

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  1. Brane Frees

    Redding Titanium Carbide 45 Colt/454 Casull Set - New

    07/21/19 - Price lowered - $45.00 07/03/19 - Price lowered to $50.00 I have a brand new, never used 3-die set (#88191) for sale. List price on Midway is $99.99. My price is $60.00. Can't beat that. If this listing is active, the set is still available. Product Overview The Redding Carbide...
  2. D

    Couple of q's, Redding and Hornady...

    Need to order a new set of dies for my Grendel build, the Redding set I've decided on includes a micrometer bullet seating die (I'm building a bolt action, not an AR). I've noticed that Redding sells different stems in various calibers for the VLD style bullets. Seems like most of the 6.5...
  3. Model12boy

    WTB OTHER  Redding 7mm wsm dies

    Hey guys! Looking to buy a nice set of Redding 7mm wsm FL die set
  4. osprey

    WTS/WTT WA  Redding T6 Turret Press

    I have for sale a model #25 Redding, 6 station Turret press. This is the model that preceded the current T7 press that Redding currently sells. I got this from a buddy that got out of reloading and I just don’t use it often enough to justify the space it occupies on the bench. Press works great...
  5. L

    Redding 300 WSM Dies Like New

    This is my Redding 300 Win Short Mag Dies, includes the redding two die set and the 300 body die. There is most likely not even 100 rounds loaded on these. 35.00 for all. Thanks for looking
  6. L

    Redding 243 Dies Like New

    These are my Redding 243 Dies. There is a 2 die set and the body die also. This set has less than 200 rounds on it and are like new! 35.00 for all of it. Thanks for looking
  7. Gassyman

    WTS WA  Redding powder and bullet scale

    Selling a 1960's vintage Redding powder and bullet scale. Complete with box. $20 Thanks for looking!:) Dave
  8. Reacher

    WTS OR  Redding Match Dies

    Redding Type S Match Dies Please see the attached pics $100 per set PM me with any questions or if you want more pics I will ship and accept USPS money orders (6.5 Grendel, 6mmBR dies sold)
  9. D

    WTS/WTT OR  Redding .223 Type "S" Neck Sizing Die, 71111

    If you shoot .223 AR's and rifles, you absolutely need this neck sizer to save the strain on your reload brass. Here is a brand new one for $55. That would save you about $30 from one of the web stores. I live in SE Salem. I might trade for Vihtavuori VV 133 powder. Accurate 2200 powder...
  10. Edllb61

    WTS OR  Redding reloading kit

    Redding versa Pak pro- sold Frankford arsenal platinum tumbler-$90 tyd Rcbs bench primer-sold Bag of 3006 brass sized deprimed and clean 100+or- can count if necessary- $20 Have bag of 223 brass sized deprimed and cleaned think its 100 +or- can count if necessary- $10 Scale and bullets sold...
  11. Brass Catcher

    WTS WA  Redding 260 Remington rifle dies and caliber conversion kit

    Brand New Set of two Redding complete rifle dies 260 Remington and Dillon caliber conversion kit for 260 Remington/6.5x55 Swedish for the Dillon RL 550B Progressive loader as well as two AZoom Snap Caps and a Sinclear cleaning rod guide. $100
  12. S

    WTS WA  Redding Competition Die Set

    6.5 X 250 Savage - 3 die neck sizing set in excellent condition. $50.00 Original cost was over $200
  13. D

    WTS OR  6MM-BR LE Wilson dies and press, Redding dies with composite

    Set of everything you'll need to load the 6MM-BR rifle. Full set of LE Wilson dies and hand press, those retail for $250 in a set. Then have Redding dies and Redding composite shell case die. $250 for it all. The press is also posted in a .222 Remington LE Wilson set. Which one sells, I'll...
  14. D

    WTS OR  .222 Remington LE Wilson, Redding dies, LE Wilson Press

    Sold my gun and now I'm selling the dies I used to reload (only used a couple of times, like new). In the photo, you will see the LE Wilson die set and the LE Wilson hand press, Redding precision die set with 3 Titanium Nitrate Bushings of .246, .248, 249. comparative case device, two boxes of...