A drill purpose rifle is a rifle which has been altered so that it can no longer be fired. This is generally undertaken by either removing the firing pin or leading the barrel. These rifles are used solely for drill purposes, training and teaching usually by cadet forces. These rifles can be marched with but also these rifles are used to perform high flying, exhibition style individual or group maneuvers.

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  1. Jpmp26

    Oregon  What, if any Legalities is there with holding a firearms familiarization class with a cover charge?

    Hello everyone, my name is James Paredes-Bravo. I am attempting to gain some insight on the legality behind offering and charging for a weapons Familiarization class in the State of Oregon. I wish to educate and introduce safe weapons handling to the Salem/Keizer community, with a special focus...
  2. JSTUCK624

    Sawtooth Rifles precison rifle training

    Hey guys just wanted to share some really good training being offered by sawtooth rifles. Heres a little video review/overview done by kit badger. Watch "Advanced Precision Rifle Clinic at Rock Lake Rifle Range" on YouTube
  3. 147gr

    1 on 1 mid-long range rifle in So Or

    I'm just looking for someone who I can meet up with who can help me gain some knowledge and experience in mid-long range rifle shooting. I can buy my own ammo but paying a bunch of money to attend a class a long ways away is out of the cards for me at this point in time. I live in Southern...
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