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In thermodynamics, the reduced properties of a fluid are a set of state variables normalized by the fluid's state properties at its critical point. These dimensionless thermodynamic coordinates, taken together with a substance's compressibility factor, provide the basis for the simplest form of the theorem of corresponding states.
Reduced properties are also used to define the Peng–Robinson equation of state, a model designed to provide reasonable accuracy near the critical point. They are also used to critical exponents, which describe the behaviour of physical quantities near continuous phase transitions.

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  1. DB is Here

    Other State  Study: Child gun deaths could be reduced if firearms were properly stored

    Study: Child gun deaths could be reduced if firearms were properly stored
  2. Mecanik

    Reduced loads for the 7.62x54R

    I've been trying to "load down" the Russian 54R cartridge to about the same level as a 30-30 of about 1800 to 2200fps. To make the carbine more comfortable to shoot. I've had some success with 2400 powder but have started using 38 grains of 4831 with really good results so far. I remove the...
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