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  1. Jbsheepdog

    COLT - Could “someone” really get this much!?!?

    I may or may not have or have not acquired at some point. OR not at some point a Colt 25acp just like in picture below. Is that a realistic price!?!? Anyone here pay that for it?!?!? And please tell me why? Any significance behind this gun?
  2. P

    Budischowsky TP-70 Pistol in .22lr or 25ACP cal.

    Hello, I am looking for information on the Budischowsky TP-70 pistol in .22lr or 25ACP cal. These pistols were of German design, (Walther), originally manufactured in Mt. Clemens, Michigan by Norton Arms Co. (aka NORARMCO) in the early 1970's. They were...
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