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The Stuart Range is a mountain range in central Washington, United States. The range lies within the eastern extent of the Cascade Range immediately southwest of Leavenworth and runs east-west. The western peaks make up a single sharp ridge. The eastern half of the range splits into two parallel ridges, the northern of which is known as the Enchantment Peaks. Between these ridges lies the Enchantment Basin, which holds the dozens of tarns known as the Enchantment Lakes. Collectively, the basin and the encircling eastern peaks of the Stuart Range make up The Enchantments, a well-known backpacking destination. The south face of the Stuart Range falls off steeply to Ingalls Creek, beyond which rise the roughly parallel Wenatchee Mountains.

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  1. Pahonix

    Recommendation requested: range bag for gear

    Any recommendations on a range bag for gear. Seems like most are designed to carry pistols. I need one for hauling around precision rifle gear..... Spotting scope Weather meter Shooting bags Hearing/eye protection Lots of tools Rangefinder
  2. Reno

    The binary trigger I will buy!

    Ive never really had much interest in binary triggers. Mostly as they are for guns I’d never consider it as an option. Now in a 10/22, that’s a whole different story. Yep, I’ll be getting one.
  3. TDH

    Range Bag

    Looking for a range bag/pack, prefer one that doesn't look too 'tactical', wheels would be a plus but not required. Just need a place for a few guns, ammo, muffs, glasses. Nothing that screams range bag, if I need to stay in a hotel. I like the roller one, but I'm not sure it would hold a...
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