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  1. Joe13

    Independence Day Saftey Preps?

    So what do y'all do to prep for the fireworks tomorrow night? We keep a 100' hose with nozzle on full and stretched out next to the road. Water our yards all day long. Keep a fire extinguisher out front. Keep a 5 gal bucket of water by the hose. Keep burn gel inside by the kitchen sink...
  2. CountryGent

    Defensive Loads for the .44 Special / .44 Magnum

    So, I recently acquired a Model 29. It was not added for a defensive piece, but rather because I just like them. Also, maybe, it would be good for bowling pin shooting, and most certainly for target shooting. That said, it is a solid, nicely built wheelgun, that fits my hand well, so there is...
  3. CountryGent

    Experts Predict Uptick In 2018 Earthquakes

    I read this article on Forbes magazine this morning. As I am currently reading a book on earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, as well as having actively working on earthquake-related preps most of this year, it caught my eye. Anywho, I just thought I'd pass it along. Cheers, friends...
  4. CountryGent

    "The Shelter"—The Twilight Zone

    Submitted for your approval, the classic 1961 episode of the The Twilight Zone entitled "The Shelter". It is a classic study in keeping your yap shut about your preps ... in the twilight zone. Or in the PNW or really anywhere else. Enjoy! Bonus feature, Rod Serling interviewed by Bob Crane...
  5. CountryGent

    GMRS Setup ....

    So, in addition to a ham ticket, some time ago I acquired a GMRS license. It was mainly "just because", but also it gave us more options. My wife also does not have her amateur license, but she could use GMRS with said license: "You may apply for a GMRS license if you are 18 years or older...
  6. B

    Financial Preps

    How many here prep for financial disasters first and foremost? Sure, I've got rice, candles, propane, mountain house, etc. for short term SHTF events. At my last house I even had livestock and a huge garden. But I think a lot of people forget about the fact that financial SHTF such as a job...
  7. CoastRange57

    Nice storage cases for preps - $ 25

    Post removed.
  8. CountryGent

    Getting into solar ...

    Well, I want to get us set up with some solar power systems and I could use some advice. I've done a bit of reading on the topic, talked to some folks, and got some quotes, but I'm still looking to make sure we do it right. A bit of background first: our family is preparedness-oriented and we...
  9. S

    Highly Concentrated Storage Preps

    Hi guys. I couldn't come of with a good title for this so hopefully a couple of you stumble upon this topic. I am wondering if there are other examples of highly concentrated products to store or ingredients to store for making (whatever) when the need arises. The best example, and one that...
  10. MrNatural

    3 on people and location

    A bit of reading required here. But well worth it. Much of it can be considered "Problem Two" - what to do AFTER your physical preps are in place. Ok you've already got the nine B's (Berkey (i.e. water), beans, bullets, bandaids, batteries, bullion, books, barter, beliefs) then it's time to...
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