The WWE Performance Center is the official professional wrestling school system of the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. The promotion currently operates two Performance Center locations, which serve as training facilities for WWE wrestlers, as well as sports science and medical facilities. The first branch, located in Orlando, Florida, was opened on July 11, 2013. The second branch opened on January 11, 2019, in Enfield, London.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Performance Center in Orlando gained prominence in 2020 as a home arena; WWE moved its weekly television programs and all pay-per-views for Raw and SmackDown (including WrestleMania 36) behind closed doors at a studio in the facility from March through August, when the company relocated these programs to a bio-secure bubble called the WWE ThunderDome. In October 2020, NXT and 205 Live's programs were moved to the Performance Center with the main arena reconfigured as the "Capitol Wrestling Center" (CWC)—a staging configuration similar to the ThunderDome. COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in June 2021, with the CWC becoming NXT's home base, replacing Full Sail University. The CWC name was phased out in September 2021 when NXT was restructured as NXT 2.0.

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  1. J

    S&W M&P Sheild 45 vs Sheild 45 Performance Center

    Hey all I'm trying to figure out if the ported barrel, fiber optic sights and trigger kit on the M&P Sheild 45 Performance Center are worth the extra hundred+ dollars or if I should just go with the standard M&P Sheild 45. I will be using it for everyday carry. Thanks in advance for your input...
  2. PistolHoarder

    M&P performance center 9

    Just recently purchased the m&p 9 PC, the trigger feels alot nicer than my old standard 9 but does anyone change the factory trigger out still on them? Has anyone here done it? Was thinking of putting an apex on it.
  3. NWGlockgal

    Tactical Performance Center

    Has anyone trained with them or know anything about them? They are coming to TriCounty in March for a three day class. I understand it is run by Ron Avery although he will not be coming to TCGC. Any feed back if anyone has trained with them?
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