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Why am I selling a gun I just bought??
At the time of this post (5/15) I bought my S&W Performance Center Shield Plus 4', yesterday (5/14). I carry a Sig p365XL, but was so impressed by the S&W at my store I decided I should give it a try and see if it will steal me away from Sig. While I like the Shield+ a lot, its not enough to take me away.

A few things I didn't like
- the back of the Shield+ grip has a bad hot spot for my hand.
- I run a red dot, and I didn't like that the peep hole is close to the red dot. I run my guns really, REALLY wet.. maybe too much. At the very first shot I had splatter all over the dot. (not everyone keeps their guns as wet as I do)
- Thats really about it

What I loved
- I'll admit it. Its a lot softer shooting than my sig. The ported barrel and lightning cuts do good work!
- Perfomance Center trigger
- Very accurate
- EASY to shoot. Shoots very flat so I was able to get double taps like nothing
- Pending the one hot spot (for my hand) the grip is actually pretty awesome! If I were to keep it, sanding the back would be an easy fix.
- Fiber optics front and rear are top notch, well protected and they CO WITNESS really well with the red dot
- Its S&W reliability.
- Performance Center tuned

Comes with
- One Crimson Trace red dot
- One 10 rd & one 13 rd mag
- Fiber optics front & back that cowitness w/ red dot
- S&W Cleaning kit
- box and all the stickers, manuals and even that annoying gun lock!

I bought the gun for $850. Even though its so new its still technically a used gun, so I'm asking $800 OBO. The other purchases you see on the receipt are ammo.

Text me - 503 820 9211
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