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  1. N

    sw washington air gun club

    Hi all I'm Jay. I'm a new member and would love to start up an air gun club in the area. I'm an air gun enthusiast with some resources. I have a partnership with a local air gunsmith and connections with a couple dealers. I currently shoot an fx impact 35 with saber tactical pump action. I...
  2. M

    Oregon  big bore air guns

    What about big bore air guns can they be use to hunt deer in Oregon or is it illegal still
  3. ditchtiger

    4 new air guns this weekend.

    Really only one is new. A Daisy 340 bb pistol with a 200 round reservoir and 13rd mag. Just reloads by pulling a spring loaded charger out a little and pushing it back in. $10 Took it over to my LGS friends to laugh about it. He shows me a soft case with a Crossman repeater copy of a 1911, but...
  4. O

    Where is Charlie and his triggers?

    I recently tried to buy one of Charlie's triggers. His system is kinda primitive: you place the order online and then send in money by snail mail to a Cathy (not remembering the last name). So I did all that and the post office returned my mail a couple weeks later as "undeliverable". :( So I...
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