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Guard mounting, or changing the guard, is a formal ceremony in which sentries providing ceremonial guard duties at important institutions are relieved by a new batch of sentries. The ceremonies are often elaborate and precisely choreographed. They originated with peacetime and battlefield military drills introduced to enhance unit cohesion and effectiveness in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

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  1. O

    Mounting handgun scope using Ruger rings

    I've just mounted a beautiful new Bushnell Trophy 2-6X handgun scope on my Ruger Super Redhawk 9.5 inch revolver using Ruger scope rings. I was expecting the two halves of each scope ring to fit snuggly once I snugged them down around the scope tube. But they don't. There is a gap between the...
  2. Aero Denezol

    Mini 14 580 Series Scope Mounting Question

    Question for anyone who has mounted a scope using the Ruger supplied Picatinny rail. What ring height did you use to provide sufficient clearance for the rear irons, or did you remove the rear iron sight? My goal is to keep the scope as low as possible using a 3-9x40 scope w/ a 1” tube. I was...
  3. Whisky Tahoe

    1 piece or 2 piece bases for mounting scopes

    Today I went to mount a nice optic on one of my rifles and realized I needed different bases. I had already replaced the Leupold Dove Tail style in favor of Picatinny aka wide weaver style bases. I had selected 2 piece bases because I liked how clean they look. Unfortunately my new scope has...
  4. bbbass

    AR scope mounting question

    I'm mounting up this new scope/rings on my varmint AR15 and I have a dumb question: Since I've got a long neck, I'm most comfortable craning my neck forward quite a bit. But in order to get the eye relief I want, I'd have to put the front scope rings on the rail that is part of the gas block on...
  5. thereddog

    I need your opinion on the scope mounting

    So I went down to Sportsman's Warehouse today and they had a special pricing on a little Nikon Pro Staff it's one of the long range BDC 4-12 power w with a 40mm front end. I bought a set of 1 inch Riser rings and slapped it on top of the rail. I was a little bit concerned that the front end...
  6. D

    Picatinny rail for S&W 19 revolver

    I recenly purchased a red dot sight for my air pistol. My shooting experience with that sight has made me a believer in red dot sights. So I am considering getting one for my S&W Model 19-3 revolver. But I want to keep my iron sights on the revolver. (You never know when a battery can go dead.)...
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