Mission president is a priesthood leadership position in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). A mission president presides over a mission and the missionaries serving in the mission. Depending on the particular mission, a mission president may also be the presiding priesthood leader of some or all Latter-day Saints within the geographic boundaries of the mission. Mission presidents are ordained high priests of the church.

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  1. 21tango

    Mission essential AR15

    Seen a lot of fellows with really decked out Ar 15s Quad rails with red dots,flashlights, lasers and a bunch of little gadgets (BAD levers oversized controls). Kinda takes away the main benefit of having a Ar 15, If im gonna pack around a 9 pound rifle its gonna be of the 7.62 variety. Its not...
  2. solipsist

    Fire Mission - Repeal WA's "Emergency Gun Ban" Law

    URGENT: Fire Mission - Repeal WA's "Emergency Gun Ban" Law The deadline for a floor vote on SSB 6006 in the State Senate is this Wednesday, February 14. Dear Supporters, Amendment 545 to SSB 6006 would repeal the Washington State Governor's "Emergency Powers" gun ban law. Many do not even...
  3. Artilleryman

    Now hiring: Facilities technician, preferably with mission critical / data center experience

    Seeking a night shift Facilities technician / engineer. Full time, good pay + 15% shift differential & built in over time (12 hour shift- 3 on, 4 off then 4 on, 3 off). Medical, dental, vision, HSA, 401K (pre-tax & Roth options), pension, etc, etc. Looking for Mid-entry level on up. 365,000...
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