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  1. aksu747

    Talk me out of Masterpiece Arms MPA30T

    I've been looking at a MPA30T where I work,any issues these Masterpiece Arms guns have? If they do have any problems(such as reliability) then someone talk me out of it before I have to pullout my wallet. I've attached a photo of the exact model(not exact gun though,the other on has some wear...
  2. Quartermaster

    MPA Defender 9mm owners opinion

    For some reason I have it in my head that I want one of the new MPA Defender pistols that accept Glock 9mm mags. The reasons are two fold. One, it is as politically incorrect as it gets. Throw that in the "pro" column. Two, my 45 Osprey fits it, looks good, and performs well on 9mm standards...
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