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Charles William Kahles (pronounced Kah'-less) (January 12, 1878 – January 21, 1931) was a prolific cartoonist responsible for numerous comic strips, notably Hairbreadth Harry. He is credited as the pioneer of daily comic strip continuity with his Clarence the Cop, which he drew for the New York World in the latter 1890s, introducing to newspapers the innovation of continuing a comic strip story in a day-to-day serial format.The cartoonist and comics historian Ernest McGee called Kahles the "hardest working cartoonist in history, having as many as eight Sunday comics running at one time (1905-06) with no assistants to help him." Between 1898 and 1931, Kahles drew a total of 25 comic strips, in addition to paintings, book illustrations and advertisements. At the same time he was contributing single-panel cartoons to Life, Judge, Puck, Browning's Magazine and the Pleiades Club Year Book.

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  1. kylej24

    Kahles K16i/K18i vs Eotech with Magnifier(either 3x or 5x)

    Hello NWFA, I am exploring optic options for a generalist/RECCE rifle. Exploring between a Kahles LPVO or adding a Eotech Magnifier to my existing Eotech Holo sight 223/5.56 16" 1:7 twist AR-15. Using 55gr and up 0-500 yards Quick acquisition at closer ranges Enough magnification just in case...
  2. Neals55

    Kahles Binoculars... What have I got?

    In the last few years I have begin learning the art and extreme joy of big-game hunting. I have been slowly obtaining gear along the way, and recently when discussing my newfound interested with a relative, they gifted me some binoculars that were in their closet. They are camo Kahles 10x42...
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