Liberty, in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism. In politics, liberty consists of the social and political freedoms enjoyed by all citizens. In theology, liberty is freedom from the bondage of sin. Generally, liberty seems to be distinct from freedom in that freedom concerns itself primarily, if not exclusively, with the ability to do as one wills and what one has the power to do; whereas liberty also takes into account the rights of all involved. As such, liberty can be thought of as freedom limited by rights, and therefore cannot be abused.
^ "The fact of not being controlled by or subject to fate; freedom of will." Oxford English Dictionary.[1]
^ "Each of those social and political freedoms which are considered to be the entitlement of all members of a community; a civil liberty." Oxford English Dictionary.[2]
^ "Freedom from the bondage or dominating influence of sin, spiritual servitude, worldly ties." Oxford English Dictionary.[3]

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  1. No_Regerts

    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

    Jocko Willink recites the speech:
  2. F

    If you have an older SWR Trident, Gemtech, or Liberty and want a new thread mount

    This is quite a deal. Just bought one of these from them a few months ago for twice the price. They're getting harder and harder to get.
  3. shooter777

    Remember the USS Liberty-34 Crewmembers killed, 154 WOUNDED by Israel. 1967

    Remember our fallen troops. Pray for their families and hope they can find peace.
  4. arakboss

    You can have liberty or perceived safety but not both. Fake News Central is finally starting to understand this.

    I have been having these thoughts for some time, that lives will be lost in order to have liberty. CNN had this article up this morning. Of course they tried to put more of a selfish spin on it but it's true...
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