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Mega or MEGA may refer to:

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  1. Vaultman

    MEGA & ZEV

    I have a MEGA MATEN lower/upper that I have assembled into a great shooting rifle. I know that these companies merged (or ZEV bought out MEGA). It took a littl whild but ZEV now makes a 308 upper/lower set. Would anyone on here know if a ZEV upper would fit my MEGA MATEN lower??? I have...
  2. H

    Possibility Or Odds Of Hawiian Mega Tsunami? ...

    Had a bad physical week with recurring nightmares. What are the odds or possibility of a major Hawaiian earthquake shaking loose a huge part of the big island? Particularity the whole coast North of Hilo with the resulting mega tsunami hitting the Pacific Northwest Coast with 100+ meter high...
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