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  1. B

    WTB WA  Henry Survival Rifle

    Looking for a Henry Ar7. Good ol survival rifle. Looking to get one ASAP. Please be close to Vancouver/Portland.

    Hickok45 Review Of The New Henry Side Loader

    About twice as long as it needs to be but take note at about 14.05 when he references unloading it by the tube and a round hanging up behind the load gate. I wasn't too impressed by seeing him having to tap the barrel on the bench to free it. Maybe pushing a finger into the gate would do it as...
  3. Magnumjohn

    44 mag henry carbine hunting

    I have Henry 44 mag carbine that hold 7 rounds mostly everywhere I read you can't have more than five rounds I was just wondering if it would be legal for me to hunt with it I don't see why not my only question is the fact of it holding 7 rounds going to be an issue?
  4. Reno

    Side loading Henry!

    About freaking time!
  5. Hop Sing

    WTB OTHER  Rear sight for Henry Big Boy

    No, I didn't lose it! I bought a Henry Big Boy in .44 mag and the seller had a scope on it but lost the rear sight. I know there are aftermarket sights but would like to try a stock one and see how it works.
  6. K

    Celebrity Hypocrite Henry Winkler

    Henry Winkler:mad::mad::mad: is just another example of of the Celebrity Type who will make a Furtune using Guns but then they around and say they are Terrible!!! I'm going to make an effort to NOT see another nickel going his way. Anybody Else??? :):):)
  7. v0lcom13sn0w

    Yellowboy or Henry?

    i've been binge watching “hell on wheels” on netflix. every time i see one of those yellowboys on there i just cant but help wanting one :rolleyes::) i really have the itch to buy either a current production winchester 1866 or a henry big boy in 45 Colt. does anyone here have one of these and...
  8. P

    Henry built my dream lever-action... Jerks.

    Wish these would have been out when I bought my Remlin and made it into one of these. Although, at $950, not sure I would have been able to justify it. Remlin was $500 and I have maybe $750 into it. Then I replaced it with an AR build in 450 Bushmaster that I have another $700 or so into. I...
  9. H

    Henry Mini-Bolt 22 LR Stainless Steel

    This Single Shot is Perfect for young shooter to learn the basics LOP is only 11.5” Stainless Steel throughout. Gun has an exceptional trigger, adjustable Williams Fire sights, traditional manual safety and manual cocking knob for extra safety. Weight is only 3.25lbs. Accurate enough to hit coke...
  10. otterpilot

    The New Original Henry Rifle

    Wondering if any of you have had a (Good / Bad) experience with this rifle? I hear the Henry company is solid and works well with the retail customer. Thanks
  11. gmerkt

    .41 Mag fans - Henry Big Boy Steel

    I'm a long-time .41 Mag fan, only recently interested in Henry rifles. The Henry company hasn't been around all that long, only since about 1996. We've all seen their brass-framed rifles, pretty but I wasn't interested in what I considered cowboy replicas, maybe a step above Italian black...
  12. Slayer

    Rem 700 LTR

    Price Drop!! Posting a couple guns to fund some projects on a house we are purchasing....sad day but here we go. Henry and Blackout are sold. Last is a Remington 700 LTR in 223. Guns in good shape with only small handling marks. Comes with PTG detachable bottom metal (magazine not...