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In an encore (, also US: ), “the performers return to the stage to give an additional performance — sometimes of the same piece ... [but sometimes] ... of another”. Multiple encores are not uncommon, and they originated spontaneously, when audiences would continue to applaud and demand additional performance from the artist(s). The word comes from the French encore [ɑ̃kɔʁ], which means ‘again, some more’; however, it is not used this way in French, nor is ancora in Italian. French speakers commonly use instead either une autre (‘another’), un rappel (‘a return, curtain call’) or the Latin bis (‘second time’) in the same circumstances. Italians use bis, too, and, formerly, da capo (‘from the beginning’). In England, [un']altra volta (Italian for ‘another time’) was used in the early nineteenth century, but such usage had been completely supplanted by 1900.

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