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The Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES) is a student group at Stanford University focusing on business and entrepreneurial activities. One of the largest student-run entrepreneurship organizations in the world, BASES' mission is to promote entrepreneurship education at Stanford University and to empower student entrepreneurs by bringing together the worlds of entrepreneurship, academia, and industry. BASES organizes the flagship 150K Challenge, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar, the SVI Hackspace, E-Bootcamp, and the Freshman Battalion.BASES was founded in 1996 by a group of five Stanford engineers. The organization works in partnership with Silicon Valley's venture capitalists and law firms to provide a variety of entrepreneurial services to Stanford students.

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  1. Mikej

    How about some input on target bases?

    The range I belong to quit providing target bases that hold two firing strips for the target backing. They quit providing them because of inconsiderate, rude, selfish people that would lean things, (maybe shotgun clay targets?), up against them on the ground and end up destroying the bases...
  2. titsonritz

    WTF is going on at our naval bases?

    First Pearl and now Pensacola, I guess only the military should have guns. :eek: Naval Air Station Pensacola active shooter reported, shelter-in-place issued Shooting reported at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, security forces responding
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