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The Zodiac is a family of Canadian all-metal, two-seat, fixed landing gear airplanes that first flew in 1984. The aircraft have been produced as kits and completed aircraft by Zenair in Canada and Zenith Aircraft Company in the USA.The latest models in the Zodiac family are the ready-to-fly AMD Zodiac LS and LSi produced by Aircraft Manufacturing and Design. The design has a single-piece bubble canopy.

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  1. fmiller

    Replacement springs for Dillon XL650... alternative?

    I was having trouble with priming on my press (turned out I had a bent indexer arm spring) and in the process of 'fixing' it one of the springs went shooting off into infinity. Is there another way I can get the two springs in the priming system without going through Dillon? Are they just...
  2. umrek

    I made a Digital Round Counter for my XL650

    Quarantine + 3D printer + bin of electronics = Digital Round Counter Had some free time so I made an adapter and sensor that fits onto my Lee Factory Crimp Dies which detects the finished crimped rounds on the upstroke before they launch down the chute. It’s swappable between my quick change...
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