A crisis (from the Greek κρίσις - krisis; plural: "crises"; adjectival form: "critical") is any event that is going (or is expected) to lead to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society. Crises are deemed to be negative changes in the security, economic, political, societal, or environmental affairs, especially when they occur abruptly, with little or no warning. More loosely, it is a term meaning "a testing time" or an "emergency event".

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  1. I

    Crisis Medicine -- Mike Shertz, MD/18D

    Here''s another Portland-based outfit that does trauma training. Props to Matt Leech (Knight Defense) for turning me on to this. Crisis Medicine - Training Tactical Casualty Care for High Risk Events There's online training available as well as in-person training around Portland and sometimes...
  2. No_Regerts

    New Proposals to Fix Homeless Crisis

    I think I have some ideas of how we can curb homelessness. 1: $1500 fine to any motorist who gives to panhandlers while driving on a public roadway. $1200 for pedestrians who give to panhandlers from a public right of way. Allow parking lot owners to put up signs declaring their lot is a no...
  3. MrRob96

    National  Banning the AR-15 Won't Solve the Mass Shooting Crisis

    Banning the AR-15 Won't Solve the Mass Shooting Crisis - VICE This is an interesting read. Always curious to find the flaw in thinking here. The idea that gun owners are responsible to the public for damage done by others is the downright anthesis of the individual in our society. Because...
  4. ATCclears

    Argentina is headed into another financial crisis

    Argentine President Admits "More Poverty" To Come, Announces Price Controls, Higher Taxes, Smaller Govt
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