Homelessness is the condition of lacking stable, safe, and adequate housing. People can be categorized as homeless if they are:

living on the streets (primary homelessness);
moving between temporary shelters, including houses of friends, family, and emergency accommodation (secondary homelessness); and
living in private boarding houses without a private bathroom or security of tenure (tertiary homelessness).The legal definition of homeless varies from country to country, as well as between different jurisdictions in the same country or region. United States government homeless enumeration studies also include people who sleep in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings. Homelessness and poverty are interrelated. There is no methodological consensus on counting homeless people and identifying their needs; therefore in most cities only estimated homeless populations are known.
In 2005, an estimated 100 million people worldwide were homeless and as many as one billion people (one in 6.5 at the time) live as squatters, refugees or in temporary shelter, all lacking adequate housing.

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  1. WAW44

    Homeless in America, as seen by the Germans.

    Little old, but interesting watch. Not sure why it came across my suggestions, but it is a bit thought provoking. These are not meth heads. These are people that were supposedly getting by and then something happened. Health or divorce in most cases it seems. One of them is a Marine vet Not...
  2. ATCclears

    Seattle - Ballard man arrested after allegedly firing BB gun at homeless man

    A Ballard man was arrested Sunday after he reportedly threatened and fired a BB gun at a homeless man who is living in a vehicle across the street, police say. Officers responded to the scene, in the 600 block of NW 47th Street, at around 4 p.m. after the victim called 911 and reported someone...
  3. ATCclears

    WA Thurston County - homeowner shoots homeless man attacking him

    Burglary suspect shot after attacking homeowner near Olympia Burglary suspect shot after attacking homeowner near Olympia
  4. Joly

    The Homeless Invasion

    Trout fishing opened on a local lake this Saturday. Several local fishermen were there and a homeless young man, 18yo. He, and other homeless are the focus of this thread. He was scrounging from others and soliciting from them, even being very up-front and vocal about his homelessness; he went...
  5. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 342 Money from firearms seized by the state given to the homeless

    You can't make this $#!^ up. Requires agency, board, commission or other instrumentality of state that lawfully seizes firearm to transfer firearm to Department of State Lands for disposition as unclaimed property. Requires department to deposit proceeds of sale of firearm into Emergency...
  6. nwslopoke

    80 Homeless vs 30 gun victims in Portland alone

    This is not to make light of human life but the numbers paint a pretty clear picture. Because I am generally lazy in my internet searches I did come across some basic information. It seems about 80 homeless people have died in Portland each year for the past few years verses about 30 gun related...
  7. ilikegunspdx

    Oregon  Witnessed a homeless man beating a naked woman today

    This is not clickbait, just want to share my experience today. Here are my personal takeaways, or beliefs, from the event and no one else has to agree with me on anything. Someone else may feel totally different. I just want to share my experience. 1) Portland homelessness is really out of...
  8. No_Regerts

    New Proposals to Fix Homeless Crisis

    I think I have some ideas of how we can curb homelessness. 1: $1500 fine to any motorist who gives to panhandlers while driving on a public roadway. $1200 for pedestrians who give to panhandlers from a public right of way. Allow parking lot owners to put up signs declaring their lot is a no...
  9. Joe Link

    Oregon  A Portland Tattoo Artist Fatally Shot a Homeless Man. Oregon Law Says the Shooting Was Legal.

    A Portland Tattoo Artist Fatally Shot a Homeless Man in the Parking Lot of His Business. Oregon Law Says the Shooting Was Legal.
  10. ron

    PDX Mayor concerned Police Profile Homeless

    "The real question here is, 'Is there some sort of profiling or implicit bias?'" Wheeler told the Oregonian on July 13. "From my perspective, that's the crux of the situation. The police should be focused on policing criminal activity, and that's sort of the beginning, the middle and the end of...
  11. ATCclears

    Seattle - third attack by a (likely) homeless person

    Going into Seattle? Keep your guard up... Intoxicated, armed 'homeless' man allegedly attacks family in Seattle Police report there’s been another assault from a man, believed to be homeless, against innocent passers-by, this time a father and his daughter walking to the Cinerama in...
  12. G

    Church Pastor Threatened by Homeless Man

    Yesterday arrived on church property and observed homeless male (HG) sleeping. Tapped the horn to announce my presence. Buildings have proper signs telling violators they will be dealt with by police. HG rolled over as if intending to stay in place. Told him to leave the property. Profanity...
  13. ATCclears

    Infectious-disease outbreaks in Seattle homeless people concern health officials

    Here it comes... Infectious-disease outbreaks in Seattle homeless people concern health officials King County public health officials are becoming increasingly concerned about a variety of outbreaks of serious infectious diseases among people who are homeless. Seattle-King County Public...
  14. Jason Brown

    Just got assaulted by the homeless outside my girlfriends home

    So as I am going from my car to the house tonight I see some homeless who are trespassing on the private property to rummage for bottles and cans in the trash. I mentioned to them that they are trespassing and need to wait til the bins go to the curb, then I continue walking inside. One of them...
  15. B

    Saw homeless guy in Seattle poop on a wall today...

    I started a new job in DT Seattle recently. So here I am on a Friday afternoon walking back to my car in my suit, desperately trying not to rub against anything as I traverse the urine soaked streets, knowing full well that the brown stuff all over the walls is not mud... What do I see? Maybe...
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