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  1. C

    Impossible? Aimpoint CCO sized 4x scope with gooseneck mount

    Looking maybe for a compact, long eye relief 4x scope that can fit say, a gooseneck/Z rail mount on a C7 carry handle upper.... is it basically unobtainium?:s0092: I'd really rather avoid having to do a chin weld on a carry handle mounted scope on my 6.5 Grendel build... :s0092: All I can seem...
  2. User 1234

    Experience with CCO 1911s

    Has anyone personally shot an aluminum officer’s size frame with a commander slide and barrel? I would expect it to be front heavy but do like the idea of easier concealment. Between a commander and a CCO 1911 which would you choose if both were the same price?
  3. Coppertop

    Make Commander in to CCO

    Hello I have a Colt Gold Cup Commander in which I want the frame cut down to officer size. I have not been able to find a gunsmith that can do this locally, does anybody know someone that can do this? I want to get a cost estimate. My other option is to buy an officer frame and build on that...
  4. Dreams of Steel

    Metro Arms American Classic 1911s

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with the American Classic line of 1911s? I have read all of the threads and articles that I could find, and by most accounts they are quality pistols. I am just about ready to click the Order button on a Compact Commander model and was wondering if anyone...
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