American Classic is the fifty-seventh studio album by American country music artist Willie Nelson, released on August 25, 2009. It focuses on the American popular songbook and standard jazz classics, and includes guest appearances by Norah Jones and Diana Krall.

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  1. PDXbiker

    Play It and Shoot It, American Classic

    About as unique a gun as you can get.... Shotgun guitar played and shot by Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band. The three string Guitgun was conceived by Rev. Peyton and custom made by his pal Bryan Fleming who is an expert custom guitar pickup designer.
  2. Dreams of Steel

    Metro Arms American Classic 1911s

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with the American Classic line of 1911s? I have read all of the threads and articles that I could find, and by most accounts they are quality pistols. I am just about ready to click the Order button on a Compact Commander model and was wondering if anyone...
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