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Franklin B. Ware (1873–May 3, 1945) was an American architect, best known for serving as the state architect of New York from 1907 to 1912.
He was born in New York City in 1873, and received a degree in architecture from Columbia University in 1894. He entered practice with his father and brother in 1900 under the name James E. Ware and Sons. From 1901 to 1905, he was on the New York City Board of Aldermen. From 1907 to 1912, he served as State architect of New York. His father died in 1918, and he continued in practice with his brother. In addition to designing the White Plains Armory while State architect, in private practice his partnership designed the Huntington Gymnasium at Colgate University; Baggs Park Museum and Grace Church at Utica, New York; United States Post Office at Ossining, New York; buildings at Marymount University, Tarrytown, New York; the Grant Avenue Presbyterian Church, Plainfield, New Jersey; and a number of private residences in New York and New Jersey. While in practice with his father, they designed City and Suburban Homes Company's First Avenue Estate Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

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  1. joken

    10/22 Franklin Armory Binary trigger

    I installed these new components in my old aluminum trigger assembly yesterday and had some problems. The gun would not fire in the binary position. When I finished the installation I had a leftover spring even though I followed the instructions. It was the new trigger return spring. I installed...
  2. F

    Franklin armory AK binary install issues

    my safety selector while installed not engaging the selector switch .. When screwed in it moves freely no resistance between safe and fire, will not engage binary Any one have one of these you can post pics up or have this issue with install?
  3. Ungulate

    Franklin Armory Binary Trigger 10/22 INOPERATIVE

    My first posting ever. Just purchased a binary trigger (22-C1) from my local gun shop.......$299.00. Spent most of the day trouble shooting, tearing down, re-installing etc. I’ve owned firearms since 12 y/o, and have owned several Ruger 10/22’s. A simple and dependable rifle that is easy to...
  4. 40isforme

    Franklin armory binary trigger

    Need help installing one any local people have experience with one? I can pay!
  5. quneur

    Franklin Armory Powder Measure vs Lyman Brass Smith

    I want to upgrade from Lee Precision Safety Measure. It isn't bad as it throws semi-consistanttly +/- .5 grains, or thereabouts but its plastic. I like the fact, FA can be mounted on the side of a table but I'm not going to buy it for the mount. I picked these two because they're less expensive...
  6. P

    Franklin Armory 17 wsm

    Does anyone have a Franklin Armory 17 wsm in the Fv4 type that is with the A2 stock, was wondering how it works and how they like it. have read the early issues with the rifle but wondering about the latest version of the rifle. Thanks for any comments, sorry about the spelling on the first post...
  7. The Heretic

    National  Franklin Armory Reformation reclassified by ATF

    It is now a SBS, but not an NFA SBS. Once again, the ATF winging it as they go. This is such a new category that the ATF doesn't have the procedures or forms/etc., for how these should be transferred.
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