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So, last night I was watching Better Off Dead (1985) and I got to thinking today about how many truly amazing films were release in that decade. Be it action, horror, comedy, romantic, surreal, war film, science fiction, and all the rest.

So, just tossing it out there: what are your favorite 80s films (released 1980—1989) and why?

Have fun. Cheers. :)
Top Movie From Each Year

1980: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
1981: The Great Muppet Caper
1982: Star Trek: Wrath of Khan
1983: A Christmas Story
1984: Ghostbusters
1985: Back to the Future
1986: Top Gun*
1987: Princess Bride
1988: Coming to America
1989: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

*1986 Honorable Mention: The Labyrinth

The why: Each of these movies are endlessly quotable, watched at least once a year, and never get old.

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