totally rad

Totally Rad, known in Japan as Magic John (マジック・ジョン, Majikku Jon), is an action-adventure game developed by Aicom and published by Jaleco for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in Europe in 1990, in Japan on September 28, 1990 and in North America in March 1991.

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  1. CountryGent

    Pancor Jackhammer Mk3

    Wacky one from the 80s for your viewing enjoyment.
  2. CountryGent

    Favorite Fictional Firearms?

    Throughout film history, completely fictional firearms have shown up in various movies. Most are real firearms mocked up to their silver screen form. Examples would be like the Pulse rifles in Aliens (made from a Thompson, Remington 870, and other gun bits) and Podbyrin 9.2㎜ pistol in Red Heat...
  3. CountryGent

    Your favorite 80s films?

    So, last night I was watching Better Off Dead (1985) and I got to thinking today about how many truly amazing films were release in that decade. Be it action, horror, comedy, romantic, surreal, war film, science fiction, and all the rest. So, just tossing it out there: what are your favorite...
  4. CountryGent

    Failed cartridges...

    Today I stopped by a small sporting goods store that has been around since, according to the wife of the owner, 1946. I remember going there as a youth for fishing supplies, and with my father and older brother for firearm-related items back in the 1980s. My reason for visiting was largely...
  5. CountryGent

    Your bowling pin handguns?

    My father used to, albeit on rare occasions, do bowling pin shoots back in the day (1980s). Last year I read a couple books on the topic (Pin Shooting: A Complete Guide, by Mitchell Ota and Hit the White Part by Massad Ayoob) and I find it interesting. This summer, in addition to some other...
  6. CountryGent

    M19-A "Annihilator"

    I've been looking through an old copy of American Handgunner (Jan/Feb 1980). This looks like it may have been fun: I only vaguely remember advertisements for freon-powered, full-auto, airguns. AFAIK, I never saw one in person. Out of curiosity, anyone play with these back in the day?
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