Which AR pattern mags to buy/avoid??


My take, and it's entirely biased, is Magpul Magpul Magpul. Reason being, I've not seen one, personally, cause a failure to feed, be hard to insert or not fully insert nor hard to remove/drop free. And in my mind, if I have something that works darn well and I know it works darn well, I see no reason to stray from that particular path.

I do have some D&H mags but I haven't so much as loaded a round in any of them so no real opinion


Magpul is the best value for reliability, durability and price but Lancer is the best magazine with the polymer body and metal feed lips, however, you'll pay at least 20% more vs Magpul.
I've used Magpuls in classes and they have stood up to being dropped in the dust/dirt, stepped on and banged around in general yet never caused a problem.
Hexmag and Amend2 have been decent mags when I have used them.
Cannot speak about ETS AR magazines but I've had bad luck with their Glock mags, so I passed on their AR mags.
For AR-10 its Magpul all the way. I can get 3 Magpul mags for the price of 1 Lancer so...sorry, Lancer:(
Magpul is gtg
D&H ar15.com says is gtg

But honestly I feel magpul is about the only one you will truly need. STANAG GI issue if you find them will work too we beat the piss out of ours and recycled from priors and they held up just fine being loaded for an entire year and with use.

Edit in: I've personally used MFT mags and they've done fine. I know it's reported they've had issues puking up rounds but none of mine did. They're on Gen 2 now with MFT so I'm assuming they've addressed some issues?.
Last edit: PSA has magpul gen 2 for 12.30 a pop right now free shipping if you buy 5+. D&H has free shipping if you buy 10+ at 10.99 each. I think aim surplus had a deal for some other stanags at $9.~ a pop plus free shipping on orders over $49.
Any former defense contractor aluminum

It took me a long time to come around to “magpul fanboi”.... they did have problems when they first came out. Since gen 2, they have been rock solid. I own more of these than any other...hard to beat @ $10 ea.
Most of my others are GI aluminum...bought most of those right after the AWB ended, have only pitched a few, most from bad feed lips. ( happens when you ditch them in the dirt during a match.)
I have a few gen 1 Lancers...they are “OK”...the “oddball” ones I really like are Elander...damn near identical to an HK stainless mag at half the price....was even better when I found them on clearance for $6 :)


I have used PMags, D&H GI, and Brownells's GI mags. I like all three, and none of them are perfect as design trade offs come into play. GI mags work in everything so no Gen1, 2 or 3 to worry about. Issue with a metal mag is that a small lip misalignment from being dropped can result in feeding issues. PMags are slightly bulkier, but the lips are either correct or they are broken, no in-between.

All magazines are stored loaded with 29 rounds and none of them have had any issued because of that.

The Brownell's mags are the most rigid and also the heaviest.

If I buy new mags they will be PMags, but I'm not getting rid of the others.

Battlefield Vegas, a machinegun rental range, has this to say about magazines:
– USGI mags have outlasted all of the other brands. We use UGSI (Brownell’s with tan follower) and on a mag for mag basis, they have outlasted Pmags and a few of the other mags that we get from mfg’ers with new weapons. We don’t have to worry about various generations with different weapons like the MR556, SCAR, F2000, Tavor or a couple of others that use AR15/M4 magazines.​


PMAG are my goto mag in ar15 and ar10. I have also used D&H mags from Palmetto with no issues. 300BO also work in both. I have not done a life test WRT dropping fully loaded Pmags. 308 Pmags also work great in my Mossberg MVP.
I have always used GI Mags. Colts, Adventure, Okays, I have a bunch of Magpuls because Ar15.com says they are the best but I think I have only used one of them once. No problem with it they look cool. But I have had no problems with the GI Mags either and they are lighter, thinner and I can pack more
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My “life depends on them” list:

1. Lancer L5AWM
2a. Magpul Pmag (M2 best price/value)
2b. Magpul M3 window mag
3a. Brownell AL mags (20 and 30)
3b. C-Products AL 30s

I‘ve used/have ETS, Amend2, Hexmags, Okay, ACS. I‘d keep them in range mag/reload practice mag category. This is based on FTF or other minor malfunctions.
To be fair, the Okay mags have literally gone to war and have the old green followers.
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I'm not into black guns. My research is limited. I believe they make a gen 2 & 3 for a reason. I've experienced ftf, won't seat or won't drop properly. With a little love, they're likely fantastic. D&h with Magpul internals are a good buy. Never an issue with usgi or colt. That extra $3 could save a life. My .2¢.
I own and trust AR-10 DPMS pattern in either Magpul for polymer or D&H for metal. For AR-10 Armalite pattern I only have Armalite metal Mags, I don't know of any polymer magazines for the old style,

AR-15 metal, either D&H or Brownell's. Polymer Magpul are my go to, but I own and have used on the range most of the major ones. I have not really had heavy use of some, but no failures of any sort except a Promag, no warm fuzzy for Promag


Last edit: PSA has magpul gen 2 for 12.30 a pop right now free shipping if you buy 5+. D&H has free shipping if you buy 10+ at 10.99 each. I think aim surplus had a deal for some other stanags at $9.~ a pop plus free shipping on orders over $49.
PSA has 10 fewer Magpuls now. :cool:

A 12 dollar magazine to hold nearly $25 bucks worth of ammo. :(


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