What's your guys opinions on this bushmaster ar15?

I'm looking for my first ar15 so at the moment i'd rather not build one. I've looked at different stores and websites and yesterday at at store i saw a Bushmaster XM15-ES2 16" flattop for sale. Adjustable buttstock, forward assist, dust cover etc. Had no carry handle (ofcourse) and set up for optics. The barrel had 5.56 stamped on it so it can shoot both calibers. Here are pics of pretty much what it looks like. I think it's as close to it as i could find. I have a few questions which is why i'm posting. It costs brand new for $899, is that a good deal? For a first timer ar15 shooter this will be great for me i'd assume. Compared to the other guns in the store i thought it was pretty good. I've heard bushmaster makes a pretty good gun. I'd use this pretty much for target shooting. Thoughts, concerns over these? the price?



Sounds like they want a little too much for the rifle. Look on this site and some of the sponsors advertising. You can find a much better deal on a better rifle. As for bushmaster, ive never cared for them and personally won't own them.
A bushmaster is a great entry level AR for the average hunter or target shooter. I have put thousands of rounds through them without a problem. Like any AR they need to be properly cleaned and maintained to run well. Just make sure you do your research and get a good deal. Also I have found that it is much more cost effective to buy the gun with the accessories that you want already on it.
If you buy a kit from say Del Ton ( my preference ), or Model 1, or any of the dozens of people that sell kits, most if not all will have the uppers assembled. All that you'll really be doing is putting the LPK into the receiver and bolting on the stock....20 minutes worth of work if you haven't done it before....
You'd be better off buying a BCM, roughly the same money for a vastly superior weapon.
This is the only downside to BCM at the moment:

BCM Rifle Carbine M4 AR15 M16
Due to overwhelming demand of Bravo Company Rifles and Lower Receivers we must suspend taking orders until the back log has been reduced. We will again post order forms for new order submissions in summer 2011. Please feel free to check back here at that time. We will again post the order form link. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.


I have a few questions which is why i'm posting. It costs brand new for $899, is that a good deal?
I'm a first time AR owner, so that my opinion with a grain of salt, but I built my own for less and I think it is a better rifle than the bushmaster.

Here's what I got:

Spike's Tactical complete upper (no assembly required) $519 from JoeBobOutfitters.com
Rock River Arms Lower Parts Kit $65 also from JoeBobOutfitters.com
MAGPUL Milspec CTR Stock Kit $110 from DSG Arms
Spike's Tactical Stripped lower $120 (including the $10 background check) from Northern Born Rebel at the Eugene gun show, but you can find his post in the group buy section here.

Total = $814 This cost doesn't include optics or rear sight. I'd go with the Magul MBUS rear sight if you want iron sights. I got a Nikon M-233 2-8x32 scope for it.

Putting the LPK in the stripped lower wasn't difficult. There are several guides with photos on AR15.Com - Your Firearm Resource.
I like this one ----> New and Improved Guide to Building a Lower - AR15.COM and Assemble your own LOWER, UPPER, FREE FLOAT, TRIGGER, GAS BLOCK - Step by step instructions!
The key is to take your time the first time, use the proper tools, take your time, a helper isn't required but it sure can make it easier, lube the parts to make them easier to assemble.

Best of all, it's fun and you'll know your gun better.
There are alot of AR's on the market right now, so it is a good time to buy one ! Having said that, like the above posters have brought up you can build one easy and for under $600. It has been a few years since I built one but I think the only tools you need are a small hamer, a block of wood to pound on and a few punches. If you want to save some hastle buy a set of roll-pin punches. They are a good $12 investment and then you can build the gun without a 3rd hand. If you buy a kit with a pre-assembled and headspaced upper (most are) You should be able to have it ready to shoot in 1/2 hour. And that is including the time to stop and re-read the instructions you downloaded!!!!
There's a difference from building and assembling a AR15. If you buy a completed upper than you need very little in the way of tools to put the lower together and have a complete rifle. If you buy individual parts then you need more tools, it's not a big investment, 60-80 bucks well set you up nicely.

You should look at used rifles, there are some good buys around. The Bushmaster you are looking at has the raised rail on the upper. Personnel I would pass on that, particularly at 899. Nothing wrong with Bushmaster, they have mostly commercial parts verses mil-spec parts, not a big deal for a range gun. If you upgrade the bolt and butt on the Bushmaster it's close to mil-spec.
Build it, and you will know it. Just like my truck. I know it so well inside and out that I have total confidence in it. Feels good to feel the same way about your weapon. And you can build what you want versus buying what they have. Just my opinion.
There's a lot of good counsel in the posts above - you can probably build your own AR with a little mechanical skills. If you're still wanting to buy a ready-made AR, consider Rock River as well. They make some fine weapons... I've got the 20" varmint model that shoots 1/2 MOA with the right ammo (which is a better shooter than me). They've also got a lot of M4 style carbines to choose from as well.

My first AR was the same rifle you mention only I bought it used for $500. I sent it to bushmaster and had a different barrel put on and a free float tube with match trigger. it now shoots 1/2 MOA with 60 grain v-max hand loads. That being said I now have a lot more money into it, it was a learning experience. I have since built my first AR and will never buy a complete one again. You save a lot of money building it the way you want it the first time. Don't let it scare you, I put mine together with no former knowledge in about 45 minutes. Besides if you have problems I'm sure someone on here will be happy to help. Good luck
This is the only downside to BCM at the moment:

BCM Rifle Carbine M4 AR15 M16
I was shopping around a few months ago and these two retailers had them in stock. I called them to double check that their website was correct and they actually had them. But I ended up buying a DD M4 locally for a lot less than what I could find online.

BCM MID 16 MOD 0 5.56 16in. 30RD - Only $1,097.44 - Free Shipping, No Tax! Bravo Company BCM750-121

Bravo Company Model 0 Rifle 650111 5.56 NATO For Sale - Bravo Company
build it bro, you dont have to be an engineer to be able to. lower parts kits look a little intimidating at first but once you sort and seperate them out it makes more sence. and when you hand pick the exact parts you want to suit your needs you also build an intimate relationship with it. it'll mean more to you. it does for me... or buy one of the many great deals on an ar here in the classifieds for way cheaper than 899.

make sure you know the details you want like
-barrel length and profile
-gas system (carbine, mid for 16'' barrels)
-stock, grips, optics, etc etc
For my money, I'd build. It's no big deal if you have basic mechanical skills and can read. Not only is there money to be saved but in the event something breaks, you are already "trained" on how to repair it.

Here is a source for a "Kit":Del-Ton, Inc. AR-15 16" Mid-Length Rifle Kit similar to what you showed in the "Bushie". It does NOT include a stripped lower as the kit would then have to be sent via an FFL. Stripped lowers are available at numerous Dealers. I bought a Stag Arms lower for $120 not too long ago. Add this to the basic price of $465 for the Kit shown and your total for a rifle would be $585. That leaves about $300 for the accessories you will want/need.

A build should take a beginner a day at most with extra reading. Just save the beer for the end, after it's finished or it may take a lot longer :)


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