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What Firearm Would you like to have but could never afford to purchase?

Capn Jack

I now this was an old thread at one time, but I can't find it.

Here is a, "Firearm" that just fascinates me, but I don't know if it's even legally available.

An RPG along with a 7.62x39 training round. The inert rocket has an internal barrel
chambered for a live 7.62x39 cartridge and the rocket barrel is co-witnessed to the
sights on the RPG. Oh Boy! Fun at the range time!
M1928 Thompson; middle point in the development, still rocks that roaring 20s look with drums and sticks that work, but also early Dubya-Dubya-Two history too. (Early Pacific Theater, yo.) And I already got the pin-stripe suits, wing-tips, and oily Mediterranean look nailed down. Why not finish with a classic Tommy-gun? Holy poop-pickles, the $30K price tag is a reason! OK, I'll have to settle for a Mac-10 in coming days. :p
I'm with CG on the '28 Thompson. 1928 is also a little less voracious about turning money into smoke, fire and noise than the 1921 (~600rpm cyclic rate as opposed to ~900).

That, or a gun that may have never really existed and if it did was lost in an Alaska boating accident, Wyatt Earp's Buntline.

But above either, my grandfather's old AF duty .45 that the turdsucker uncle ripped off and hocked for rotgut.



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