Video IDPA Florence, Oregon 10/13/12

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    My video from the Siuslaw IDPA Shooters monthly match in Florence, Oregon. My first time shooting there, great people and a nice range!! Very windy and wet with a misting, soaking rain that day.

    Three stages run, 1st one a standard Bill Drill at 3 different distances. Stage 2 was scenario was you were in a small plane and defending your self from under the wing. We actually has a "seatbelt" around the shooters upper legs, you unbuckled the seatbelt after engaging Target 1 at your feet. Stage 3 was you were defending your friends farmhouse from a bunch of bad guys. :) You started with a lever action rifle loaded with 5 rounds. There were 2 targets to engage with the rifle. I had never shot or even touched a lever action rifle before!! It was a fun gun to shoot!

    Thanks to CaR Firearms and Norpoint Training Center.

    I finished 1st in my Division, ESP :)


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