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Got tired of shooting at targets taped to poles driven into the ground. Not easy to change, always too low unless I was kneeling. Well last month at an OFA training I took a long look at their target stands. The dang things even swing!! I needed one.
So I took my target from that day home, made a plexiglass template. Now I have endless targets from scrap cardboard at work. Then went to work with a welder and some scrap metal. In the end I have my own portable, height adjustable, swinging target stand. :woot:

Thanks OFA.



Thanks for the compliments. As for selling... life is too busy. I pieced this one together over 2 days while the boss wasn't watching... But I will think about it. Everyone needs a hobby. :D
Rik! Nice job. Next time you're at OFA I'll show you all the super ninja target systems we have out there and how to set them up to do different things/objectives. Perhaps you can perfect yours or make additional targets. We got some really cool ones out there!
Nice... what did you use for the "folding hub" of the tri-pod section?

The hub was pre fabbed, my maintenance chief came up with it. He thought it might have started life as a shop light base... who knows. Harbor Freight might have something that could be altered to suit.

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