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    Caching your Guns
    But the techniques discussed apply to all caches. In two parts:

    A passage I find prescient comes from Part 1:

    "Second, don’t rely on Oathkeepers bluster (another word beginning with “b” also fits). They mean what they say now, but things will be different then. Police will have no problem cracking down on you because (1) most cops will follow any plausibly legitimate authority; (2) human beings are born to rationalize; and (3) you’ll be demonized long before you’re raided. They won’t whack you, they’ll be whacking your indescribably monstrous straw man evil twin."

    "Every totalitarian state in history made liberal use of the ordinary cops for its political roundups, and no police element has ever mutinied or walked off the job when faced with that task. For example, the Gestapo and SS did not need to round up the Jews in occupied France: the ordinary French beat cops were glad to do it. None of them was ever punished; they transferred their loyalty seamlessly and unquestionably from the 3rd Republic to Vichy to the occupying power to the 4th Republic. Likewise, the Weimar cops became Nazi cops, who in turn became East or West German cops, and now unified Federal German cops. Hitler? Stalin? Who cares, we can retire at 45 with a good pension, and no one will miss a few Jews."

    "Third, don’t expect most people to back you. For every active resister, there are 20 dedicated, clandestine supporters. For every dedicated supporter there are 20 active and open collaborators. You active resisters will be outnumbered 400 to 1 by the Quislings. And even they will be a minority. Most people will hunker down and try not to be involved. The side that pressures them will get their loyalty and compliance — as long as it outpressures its opponents, and as long as the pressure is applied."
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    PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing?

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    Sad, but true. The VA is now complicit with Obama's drive to classify all Vets as mental-PTSDs and thus vulnerable to arms confiscation and incarceration as mentally unstable. Those who talk about this are 'conspiracy nuts and also obviously mentally unstable that can be incarcerated w/o trial or even access to legal representation.
    It's the Soviet system
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    Which is why I am not getting the "Veteran ID" card being touted.

    Brutus Out

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