Stuff has hit the fan between Vanderboegh and the bastion of collectivism, Daily KOS.

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    "It all started out at the Richmond Democrat blog, where J.C. Wilmore was waxing elequent about how some Republican Congresswoman had urged resistance to further taxation and thus had committed sedition. On the theory that he hadn't a clue what sedition really was, I sent him this:

    Dutchman6 has left a new comment on your post "Republican member of Congress commits sedition":

    We are, we must admit, two different peoples inhabiting the same national boundaries, sharing a common language but little else.

    If we cannot agree on something as basic as the sanctity of life, the inalienable rights to property and liberty (see in starkest relief in the gun control debate) and the basic right to be left alone by a nanny-state government turned predatory, does ANYTHING else we agree on matter?

    There are two fundamentally different visions at work here and throughout history such divisions have rarely been settled except by civil war."


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