Status of OR CHL in "owned by public but rented by private" locations?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by CharonPDX, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Alright, so Oregon has a state preemption clause that says that CHL holders are exempt from city and county regulation on the possession of firearms.

    Portland has an ordinance that bans loaded open carry in public places. (The maximum they can ban.)

    I have a CHL, therefore I can carry, open or concealed, in public places.

    JELD-WEN Field (the former PGE Park, former Civic Stadium, etc,) is owned by the city of Portland. That makes it a "public place", correct? (The city owns Memorial Coliseum, too, so this would apply to events there as well.)

    So can private companies that lease the space (the Timbers soccer team and Winterhawks hockey team, respectively,) ban firearms, even to CHL holders?
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    Yes, I believe they can. If I rented/leased a city-owned property, I sure would want the ability to control who enters my (temporary) property. For example: If I pay a fee to use a portion of the Rose Garden for a wedding, then I will be able to dictate who can and cannot enter that property.

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