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    I received this plea from the Smith&Wesson Forum


    Dear Patriot,

    Senator Rand Paul is leading the desperate filibuster against Barack Obama’s gun control bill.

    However, according to news reports and Conservative StrikeForce’s internal vote count, this unconstitutional gun grab could still pass!

    Please sign our emergency online petition in support of Rand Paul’s filibuster. We need to bombard Congress with petitions NOW and force more Republicans to stand with Rand and against Obama.

    This truly is urgent. Obama has mobilized his entire billion-dollar campaign organization to pass this bill. Liberal anti-freedom activists are pounding the Republican senators night and day.

    That’s why YOU need to get into the act immediately. Sign your petition now and forward this email to everyone you know.

    We must overwhelm the Republican senators with petitions and force them to join this filibuster.

    Rand Paul’s courageous stand is our only hope of stopping this bill!

    Barack Obama and his leftist cronies are trying to ban virtually all private gun sales.

    They ultimately want to create a national database of gun owners so that government agents can begin confiscating weapons.

    And all too many Republicans are willing to allow this monstrous proposal to come up for a vote and allow the Democratic majority to pass it!

    Please, please sign your petition right now. And then forward this email to EVERYONE you know who cares about the Second Amendment.



    Conservative StrikeForce is leading the charge to round up more Republicans to stand with Rand Paul because this is our last chance to stop this nonsense in the Senate.

    We have been fighting for pro-freedom policies and pro-liberty candidates since 2008. But I’ve never been as worried about our Second Amendment rights as I am today.

    Right now Barack Obama is campaigning across the country, screaming about how banning the private sale of firearms will help “save the children.”

    It’s a bald-faced lie. But it's working. Republican opposition to Obama’s gun grab is melting away.

    Sign your petition now. And then ask everyone you know to do the same.

    The conservative majority in America doesn’t want to ban private sales of guns. It doesn’t want a national database of gun owners. It doesn’t want the feds poking around in citizens’ private lives looking for excuses to strip them of their Second Amendment rights.

    But too many Republican senators don’t know that. All they hear are the lies and spin coming from the liberal media and Obama’s political team.

    These Republicans need to hear from you. They need to know that the American people want them to Stand with Rand and filibuster this gun grab.

    Sign your petition right now. And then ask all your friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors who support freedom to do the same.

    This really is urgent. I predict Rand Paul’s filibuster will fail and Obama’s gun bill will pass unless the conservative grassroots takes a stand today.

    Please Stand with Rand and protect the Second Amendment!



    For America,

    Dennis Whitfield Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC

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