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LINK TO PICTURES OF RIFLES: https://ibb.co/album/GWSdJ4
Link to more pictures, and of the Dutch Mannlicher and berthier:

Willing to meet at Tigard Pawn in Tigard or TJ Gun Sales in Mcminnville for Transfers. Would love to sell more than one rifle at a time, send me offers.

SOLD M1 Garand, 30-06 SOLD:
1943 serial number, bought from the CMP. Comes with a CMP case. The metal has been cleaned and had a couple coats of BLO put on it, looks beautiful. Barrel condition is fantastic. Asking $1400 or best offer.

Springfield 1903A3, 30-06:
Remington manufacture. This rifle has been there and done that exterior wise with a nice patina on the wood, but has a great condition barrel, and good condition metal. $850 or best offer.

Swiss K31, 7.5 Swiss:
Comes with original swiss sling. This is a beautiful rifle with some tigerstriping in the stock. Matching numbers. I believe I have a couple boxes of ammo to go with it as well. $725 or best offer.

SOLD Swiss 1889 Schmidt Rubin rifle SOLD :
This is the grandaddy of the K31. This one looks basically unissued. All matching numbers. Its one of the prettiest rifles I have, and if it wasnt for the fact it doesnt quite fit in my collection and I need money right now, I wouldnt be selling it. Absolutely lovely rifle. Also incredibly long, and an Antique! NO FFL needed for sale! $750

Czech 98/22 Mauser, 8mm mauser:
Still has quite a bit of cosmoline in it. I received it as such, wiped it down, but havent done any other cleaning. Looks to be in great condition, with neat czech BRNO markings. $420 or best offer.

1895 Chilean Mauser, 7mm mauser:
made by Lowe Berlin. great condition, just missing the top wood, which I have in hand, just needs fitting. Bolt and receiver are numbers matching. G Prefix Serial number. Comes with two PPU 20rd boxes of 7mm mauser, so you can get to shooting right away! beautiful rifle, South America just isnt my focus when it comes to collecting. This rifle qualifies as an ANTIQUE, NO FFL TRANSFER REQUIRED. Willing to ship to your personal address at your expense. $425 or best offer.

SOLD 1916 Dutch Mannlicher SOLD:
made in Hembrug., otherwise known as a Geweer M95. 6.5x53mmr. This is an interesting rifle from WWI, that also appears to be a bringback, likely from WWII. Has a dufflecut, partially repaired with a wooden dowel for presentation. Missing the top wood unfortunately, but otherwise a complete and numbers matching rifle! These are fairly rare and hard to come by. Its definitely seen better days (has some scotch tape on the stock that needs removing), but with a little cleanup, will be an interesting addition to someones dutch or WWI collection. They're rare enough, that I really have no idea on how to price this. Also this comes with a box of 30 rounds! Send me an offer.

Remington (yes, they made rifles for the french in WWI) Mle 1907-15 Berthier in 8mm lebel:
This is an interesting rifle that was unfortunately sporterized, but appears to be fully functional, if you happen to like to shoot 8mm lebel sporters. It has a bunch of decent parts, including the receiver, bolt, trigger assembly, barrel (though it appears to have been cut), Magazine assembly, buttplate, etc. $165 or best offer.

Vetterli Carcano:
This is a Vetterli rifle converted to shoot 6.5 carcano in WWI by the Italians. Super neat mechanism and history to this rifle, it also qualifies as Antique, and NO FFL is needed! Just cash! Great way to get a piece of history. $325 or best offer.

SPF Chinese Mauser SPF:
super cool piece of history, chinese mauser. this rifle has seen it all. Its also one of the nicest condition Chinese mausers Ive seen, all things considered. This qualifies as an antique, so no FFL transfer required! $325 or best offer.

photo_2021-07-16_10-16-41 (4).jpg photo_2021-07-16_10-16-53 (2).jpg photo_2021-07-16_10-16-51 (3).jpg photo_2021-07-16_10-16-42 (3).jpg photo_2021-07-16_10-16-51 (10).jpg photo_2021-07-16_10-16-46 (3).jpg
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Per our texts I agree your Chilean Mauser is not a 'carbine' but is also not a 'short rifle'. This image is of 1895 'short rifles.' Notice the barrel step position is closer to sight. I believe what you are selling is a 'shortened' standard length 1895. I hope this helps clarify any confusion with listing. GLWS

chilean 1895 short.jpg
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Short rifles are frequently created after long rifles (or sometimes out of old long rifles), and out of long configuration barrel stock. If you check out some other Chilean short rifles, you can see a step in the barrel at the end of the topwood where the barrel band goes over the topwood metal. Neat bit of manufacturing history. Perhaps this was once a long rifle before an armory converted it over, or they just used a long barrel to create this particular rifle. Either way, it's in stock configuration, minus the topwood as pictured.
Those long rifles were shortened and sold as sport rifles. I have an Arg like that. I believe somebody tried to return that to original military configuration and then realized he couldn’t. I’m sure it’s a fine shooter but cannot be returned to original configuration unfortunately
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