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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by CaughtSteelin, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Probably a dumb question. But I am clueless.

    How do you tell between a barrel that can shoot slugs and one that can not?

    When they say rifle'ing in the barrel, does that mean it's got "spiral's" in the barrel? And a non rifle barrel would be smoothed?

    If I am thinking that can shoot slugs does not have a choke insert?

    Also do you need a slug barrel to shoot buckshot? For example a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag w/a 24" ported barrel w/a choke insert...can it shoot buckshot? It says no slugs.

    Thanks for any help...I am so lost. :confused:

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    I'm no shotgun expert so take this with a grain of salt.

    Rifled barrels are for sabot slugs, with a smooth bore barrel you want to use rifled slugs. Basically you don't want any choke when shooting slugs, I believe Improved Cylinder is a non choked choke if that makes sense, so there is no constriction in the barrel.
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    Cylinder barrels have no choke, they're a straight walled tube. Improved cyl still chokes slightly. Since the choke portion of the barrel is only an inch or so out at the end, the barrel can be "modified" to a cylinder bore if you like. Just don't "modify" it so much that it measures less than 18"! Unless of course you have a special stamp.
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    Normally, slugs can be fired from any conventional shotgun barrel, and the prohibition on yours may be as a result of the porting. Also, I would not fire a slug out of a screw-choke barrel with the choke removed, as the exposed threads could catch some lead.

    This statement is made regarding conventional lead slugs (of the Brenneke type, etc.) I have no experience with the copper variety.

    Out of a smoothbore shotgun (yes, there are rifled versions especially made for slugs), usually the best accuracy will be found with an improved cylinder choke, but full choke guns will digest conventional slugs just fine, and sometimes result in great accuracy.

    Buckshot should be fine in your gun, and a full choke will result in better effective range.

    Other persons on this website may be far more knowledgeable than myself in this regard, but this is from my own experience.
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    Your 835 is over bored to 10 ga and the factory says not to shoot slugs as they are undersized and may lodge in the barrel. Buck shot is OK you can get a slug barrel for the 835 that is not rifled and a true 12ga bore if you want to shoot slugs. The 835 is over bored so it will handle steel better, less back pressure and was intended as a duck or goose gun with 3.5" shells. Check out the Mossberg site for more info.

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