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    Anybody know where to get a copy of the Sheriff's form for receiving a handgun as delivered by an FFL? I know this form because I used to have to fill it out for my FFL when I received handguns transferred by him. It has a list of exclusions for receiving handguns. The FFL submits it to the Sheriff prior to giving the firearm to the buyer.

    I don't have to do this since I have a carry license, but a close friend is concerned about a misdemeanor on his record and wants to review the form before trying to make a purchase. I would've thought no worries, but the misdemeanor is for discharge of a firearm in city limits, I believe.

    Any info on the form would be great!

    This is for the Vancouver WA area if they are different between Sheriff's offices.

    Steve B
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    Depends on how long ago his charge was and what the conditions were causing him to discharge the firearm at the time. He will get a phone call from the Sheriffs Office (Clark County) if there are problems with this. He then could discuss the situation with the Deputy on call.

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