Setting up die

Reloading many different loads.
Starting with .223 all rcbs dies. Not sure if there carbide. It cost me 32.00 bucks.
The kind you buy at bimart and cabelas.
Then reloading .270 win, .300 wsm, 7mm mag, .300 rum, .22-250, .45 acp,
What are you reloading?
What brand die are you using?
Is the die carbide?
The calibers mostly set up the same
The different die brands set up the same
Carbide or regular set up the same.

So,which dies are you setting up? The deprime/sizing or the bullet seat or the crimp?

I'm not proficient enough to be a teacher,but most everything you need to learn is in the reload books or on you tube.
It ain't rocket surgery until you get to the "accuracy" game.
Just read the instructions and take it slow
There is one way to set up sizing dies which seems to be the biggest area of confusion and also a large source of problems.

The goal of sizing a case is to return it to SAAMI specifications for the various diameters and most importantly "headspace" on rifle dies.

Pistol sizing dies are usually just screwed in so they contact the shell holder and then a little more (usually 1/4 turn) to allow for any spring in the press.

Rifle dies are best set with the use of a case gauge or headspace measuring tool from Hornady. When using a case gauge, size a case, measure in the gauge then adjust the die. If the case head is still above the face of the gauge, screw die in more. If the case head is below the "minimum" indicator surface, back out the die. For best results, and longest case live, using the Hornady or Sinclair tool will allow you to set the die so it only bumps the shoulder back from it fired position by .002" or so. This makes sure that the case doesn't stretch excessively when firing leading to head separations.

If loading for rife calibers, when the case has a shoulder, a $20 case gauge can prevent lots of problems. Just accepting that all dies are correct when set per instructions can lead you astray.
Good night. So if I hear your correctly, rcbs dies aren't that good?
Don't know about others, but I quit buying RCBS dies several years ago. There was a time they were considered "Good" but there are so many others today that are "Better".

I have three sizing dies for .308. I have played around with a little sizing quality "study". Taking a lot of brass, all fired in the same rifle, same manufacturer, and same age. Sized 5 each per die. Then checked cases for runout.

RCBS was the worst.

Forster Bench Rest FL sizing die was better

Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Sizing Die was almost perfect with runout almost undetectable.

(Brass used was Lapua)

Considering that I bought the Hornady set for $30 and got a seating die that rivals the accuracy of the Forster BR seating die, I'd say that they're pretty good. The RCBS die with its screw type seating plug in a word SUCKS.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - Pistol/Rifle Combo
Cerberus Training Group
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