I skip opening weekend, too many itchy trigger fingers. :s0131:


After 15+ years hunting, last year was my first time going out on opening day, usually I work or skip it. I was watching a patch of timber next to a nice clear cut waiting for sun up when I heard some elk really chatting it up about 200 yards away. I left to go watch them for a bit and when I came back there was another guy sitting where I had been. After I saw him I started moving away to put some distance between us and just as I turned away he started shooting and shooting and shooting. After he stopped firing I started heading back to see if he needed any help. When I got over there he was standing on the side of the hill looking at a stump with a bunch of bullet holes all over it. "Thought it was a deer" It was a little foggy but mistaking a stump 75 yards away and blasting it ten times.:nuts:.. I only go out on weekdays anymore. I see more deer and way less people and like it that way.
I went out this morning and saw a big, huge, gigantic............nothing. Thought I had a good spot to watch and then hiked around for 5 hours. Saw nothing other than a bunch of guys driving around in circles waiting for me to chase a deer out to them.:huh:
I saw a bunch of cows and calves, then heard a bull bugle over the next ridge. Watched squirrels and birds. Listened to the "target" shooters. Spent 13 hours in the treestand. Beats the H-E-double toothpicks out of work any day!
I agree noworkjustfish. I got close enough for a shot on a little 3x3 this evening, but passed it up as it was borderline after shooting time. I'd rather have seen one and pass on a questionable shot, than still be out ther hoofing around after it if I'd not hit it clean.
Here's a couple of pics of the buck I got on Saturday. I was hunting the East Biggs unit on private land. Looks to me like he's a whitetail cross. He weighed 185# hanging carcass. Horns are pure whitetail and everything else is muledeer.


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