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Safe trigger pull?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by doobee8, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. doobee8

    doobee8 Salem, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    What do you consider to be safe trigger pull for a .308 Remington 700 PSS rifle? Currently mine sits at 1.5lbs and was 2.0 but it still felt a bit heavy, so I had it turned down.
  2. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    Get a new trigger at www.riflebasix.com and it is safe to go down to a 1lb or lower. These are a simple replacement that you can adjust yourself to what you like.
  3. ZeroRing

    ZeroRing 26th District, WA Active Member

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    Just be careful you don't set it too low... :wow:

    I've got a Jewell trigger in my Remmy 700 (.30-06) set at 2.5 lbs and it breaks perfectly. I had it as low as 1.0-1.5 and it just felt TOO light, almost as if breathing on it would set the thing off!
  4. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    Whatever happened to the Canjar trigger? I have one on my mid 70's .270 and it has been really handy in E. Oregon out in the flats.

    I haven't kept track of such triggers for years because I love my rifle and it's all I've ever wanted for Oregon game. I switched to the AR for varmints just because it's fun.

    There's the CZ setup, the double sets, the adjustables, the Savage Accutrigger... I wouldn't have any idea what's best today.

    Guess time flies... :)
  5. landcbeitner

    landcbeitner Everett, WA Member

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    How light the trigger can be tuned depends mostly on the use of the rifle. You always have the option of not keeping a round in the chamber when hiking rough country or in the brush.
  6. DSbur

    DSbur Vancouver WA Member

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    You have a PSS (Police Sharp Shooter), 2# is about average and somewhat conventional wisdom, according to the tactical websites I browse. I have a 5R with the Mark X Pro trigger and have it set to 2.5#. I've tried different weight settings and I do not consider this trigger to be safe below 2.5#.

    I am hopeful that you have some experience with adjusting your trigger or are having it done professionally to check for safety.

    Some folks seem to get along with the Mark X Pro's, but I sense that most just change them out for a custom trigger. Rifle Basix, from my browsings, have more issues than Timney's. Apparently some models of Jewell's are super but expensive.

    I'm looking into ordering a #510 Timney for mine, FWIW.