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Does anyone else find that their lens frames inevitably fall right where perfect sight picture should be when looking through their optics, or across iron sights? When pistol shooting, I'm fine, but for rifle optics...getting tired of having to adjust frames up or down nose to clear rim distortion out of the picture. Don't want to go with contacts only, and have no eye protection. Maybe I'm fighting with transition lenses trying to find the sweet spot now, but I don't remember my glasses/frames being on the brink of screwing up my sight picture so much in the past. Hating getting old where a 500 yard open sight shot was once a given.:(
Yes. it sucks.

Glasses suck. Someday I won't wear any and it will be glorious.

I can shoot fine without them though, it's just when I need to see without looking in the scope that's a problem.

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