Rim may refer to:
Rim (coin), the sharp circular (or otherwise shaped) edge which surrounds the coin design
Rim (craters), the part of a crater that extends above the height of the local surface
Rim (firearms), a projection machined into the bottom of a firearms cartridge
Rim (novel), by Alexander Besher
Rim (wheel), the outer part of a wheel on which the tire is mounted
Rim (basketball), part of equipment for basketball
Breakaway rim, a specialized rim capable of sustaining forceful dunks

Rim, Nepal
Rim, Črnomelj, a village in the Municipality of Črnomelj, southeastern Slovenia
Rim, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, a village near Vrbovsko, Croatia
RIM may stand for:
Royal Indian Marine, the name of the British colonial navy of India from 1892 to 1934
Research in Motion, the former name of Canadian wireless-device company BlackBerry Limited
Recording Industry Association of Malaysia
Red Island Minerals, Western Australia-based coal development company
Responsible information management
Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, an international Maoist organization
Reaction injection molding, a type of processing for network polymers
Remote Integrated Multiplexer, a term for digital loop carrier in Australia
Remote Infrastructure Management, a 2nd/3rd line computer support team
Reference Information Model, a specification created by HL7
Reb Itche Meir (Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter), the first Gerrer Rebbe
The US Military designation for a ship-launched, intercept guided missile; examples include
RIM-66 Standard missile
RIM-7 Sea Sparrow

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  1. T

    Rimfire challenge pistol

    Looking at getting a 22 or pistol. For local rim fire challenge matches. Thinking a Mark IV looking to see what others shoot Also sights and set ups
  2. GGJohnson

    Rim distortion?

    Does anyone else find that their lens frames inevitably fall right where perfect sight picture should be when looking through their optics, or across iron sights? When pistol shooting, I'm fine, but for rifle optics...getting tired of having to adjust frames up or down nose to clear rim...
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