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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Ballistic308, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Hi there reloaders I'd like to tell you about a product I was recently introduced to. It's called "Shellplate LED Light System". I've been reloading for about 10 years now and it irritated me to lean over and check to see whether or not the casing was charged with powder or if a primer made it into the pocket without actually removing the casing from the shellplate. The fact of having to squint my eyes to see if what should be happening is in fact happening, I could add another light over the bench, but that really becomes a hassle and the light really never makes past the top of the press to where I reall need it to be. Well, this gift showed up on my door step and I couldn't wait to see how it worked.

    So first things first, I followed the instructions and wiped my press down with IPA around the area I planned on placing the LED strip and stuck it to the front inside brace of the press.

    The kit came with a smaller piece of 3M dual lock, but I didn't find a need for it other than some cable management to keep it clear from the press handle.

    The product has a roller/wheel type lamp switch, some thought went into the placement of the switch as it was placed near the light so it wasn't a hassle at all to turn the light on and off. Now for the truth, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

    This little sucker really puts off some light, but it wasn't going in the direction I needed it to go...hmmmm, what could be done. Since it came with the dual lock velco type material I easily removed it, bent the strip about 1.5" from the top and then remounted it. In the instructions Dan states he designed the LED light stip with a metal band just for this type of forming. It made a pretty big difference and it now puts the light where I want it.

    The above photos do NOT do this product justice, you can see the inside of the press is very well lit, the LED strip can be bent and formed to really any reasonable shape and it provides ample light for powder charging at either station two, three, or four when it's bent and and shining down just as it supposed to do. I completely recommend this product if you need more localized lighting at the press. Dan is a great guy to do business with and I strongly urge you to try it.
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    Lights like these can be real useful on any progressive press. The issue of where to place them can be problematic though, especially with rifle cases.

    I recently bought a "Press Monitor" for my Dillon 650. It came with a light that can be located in various positions so max illumination of the case interior is possible. In some ways the light alone is worth the price of the Press Monitor.

    Another trick is to use one of the large "dental mirror" tools that mechanics use to see in tight places. Place it so it gives you a clearer look down into the case. Perhaps not as necessary with short pistol cases but great for the taller rifle cases where it's hard to see the powder level through the small case mouth.

    That last visual check of a case for powder sure cuts down on a lot of pounding on a rod to get a stuck "squib" out of the bore.
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    I have one of the Inline Fab LED light systems for my 650. Nice and easy to use and very little cost. Good stuff.

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