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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Scott F, Apr 28, 2016.

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    This is an update to my post about having a hundred primers go off in my hand with a RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool. RCBS was willing to replace the hand tool with a bench model number 9460. I offered to pay the difference in price and they refused to let me pay. That is about what we have come to expect with RCBS's customer service.

    The 9460 tool uses standard shell holders. That is a plus for me because I was having a little problem with larger cases and the small cased being held in the universal models and they will not hold 45 auto rim at all. I figured if I was going to reload a round I would have a shell holder for it anyway so there would be no down side to the 9460 model.

    One of the reasons I went to a bench type priming tool was my old hand have seen a lot of use and are starting to rebel. The hand tools were getting harder to use. I have to say after priming 600 pieces of brass in various sizes I am in love with the bench tool. It has good feel and I can easily detect when the primer hits the bottom of the primer pocket. I believe it is as fast if not considerable faster that any hand tool I have used. That even included time to load the primer tubes. I also like the ease in seeing the primer is properly seated in the tool pocket and is right side up for priming. No more crushed sideways primers and no more upside down primers that occasionally happened in all the hand priming tools I have used.

    So, my hats off to RCBS on both their outstanding customer service and to making a find quality tool.
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    I have lost track of how many times they have hooked me up with broken, missing and worn out parts replacements.
    Just got some parts for a 4x4 press I'm refurbing Wednesday.
    They are amazing.
    In my experience they blow away Dillon's no BS policy.
    Not to say that Dillon didn't make them up their game.
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    They are good. I've only had one experience with them. The expander ball had decreased to .218" for .223, had a new rod within three days.

    Hopefully you never have another issue with primers detonating.
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    RCBS is awesome. I have had similar luck though with Hornady, Redding and Wilson. I think we are blessed to be in a hobby/business with people that are also happy and caring of what their customers need and want.

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