Range Review of my 3 new handguns Part 1 of 3

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by MrCaprioni, Jun 24, 2013.

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    So I seem to have a problem with buy and selling firearms without even putting a round down the chamber. So today not being able to sleep ( Work nights) I decided I was going to go and shoot my 3 handguns before I get rid of them. I had a

    1.Springfield Armory Lightweight Champion Operator with TLR-1s
    2. G23 Gen 4
    3. S&W M&P 9 ( I know they have been around but my first time shooting one)

    Lets start with #1

    So I took 4 magazines with me. I started off at 7 yards. I kept the TLR-1s on it to see how it shot both ways. Well lets just say the first 3 did not go as planned. The 4th mag from first set went alright. I am not good enough shooting to get these godly type groupings that some people get but if it was center mass you would have been hit between the nips more then a few times. I then loaded up the 4 magazines again. I then took off the light and could definitely feel the difference. First group was about the same maybe a bit better. Then I used just my strong hand with about the same results. Then down hill from there. I used my weak hand for the next mag and OMG this was a joke. I am glad I was alone but at least I know my weakness now. Then I did what any excited person with a bad *** gun would do. Loaded up the 3 empty mags and shot 4 magazines as fast as possible at bottles, ammo boxes, clay pigeons, pretty much anything people left from before me

    OVERALL it was pretty damn good and I can see why the gun is 1000k+ because of the lightweight aspect, versatility with the rail and the smooth trigger. Beautiful weapon.

    Will post pictures of weapon, gear and the target (maybe on the target) LOL

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