Prepare to Plan (Out of State Friend or Family Member)

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    When planning your preparedness, one thing to keep in mind is having someone in another state that all of your family members know to call in the event of a disaster. Make sure that you have drilled with your family members on this so that everyone can be a little bit more as ease in case of an emergency.
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    Setting up an emergency communications plan such as ham radio can also help out on this.
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    Anybody can buy and monitor a ham radio; The rules allow technicians to send data (CW) on "HF". The law allows non-hams to use a ham radio if no other means of emergency communication is available.

    Phones & the internet cannot be depended upon and most state militias will have their governor's authority to take over the GMRS, & 2 meter Ham repeaters, and the digi-peaters.

    We are left with eves dropping on the 2 meter repeater networks and HF.

    Some people (so I hear :winkkiss:) have specified markings they will spray paint on their garage door to match a corresponding location they can be found at; such as an "A" for hide-out "A". This would give family and friends an idea where to find you, if you must bug-out.

    This means you and they have to know where these locations are in advance; I recommend sending them the info via regular mail. The info should include your local-radio frequencies and a visual recognition plan (1 flash answered by 3 flashes etc).

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