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They don't make Washington politicians like they do elsewhere

Imagine a political advertisement by a woman running for Congress, who appears on camera shooting a variety of firearms, including a Thompson submachine gun...

...Can anybody think what a spectacle it would be to see Patty Murray trudging across a mud flat out on the Columbia Basin or up at Skagit Flats with a shotgun in one hand and a dead honker in the other?

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Or try this:

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Quite honestly, all I can think of when a decent looking woman goes full auto is "Where's the bikini?". The commercial feels staged and trite. Just my humble opinion.

If you remember, Kerry was originally photographed on the canned goose hunt with a semi-auto shotgun until one of his minions reminded him that he had supported a weapons ban that would have made all semi-auto shotguns illegal. They quickly scrounged up an Over/Under to complete the picture along with his fresh from the box LL Bean hunting togs. :s0114:

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