Oregon SB 796, CHL requires firing range testing and open to non-citizens

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PiratePast40, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Was looking at the upcoming bills and discovered that the proposed bill not only requires range time, but also allows non-citizens who have applied for citizenship to have a CHL in Oregon.

    For the citizenship issue, not sure what the federal law says about non-citizens possessing guns so not sure what to make of that one other to say that I feel a little uncomfortable knowing that non-US citicens will be allowed to conceal carry in Oregon. Seems odd since Oregon doesn't recognize any other states CHL (at this point) anyway.

    The issue of range time appears to be pretty restrictive. It appears they will accept other forms of classroom training but not range time.

    No idea if this will be retroactive for existing GHL holders. Could it be that current CHL will be invalid until you have a range certificate or just that you can't renew until you get the certificate?

    The whole thing seems like BS to me unless they also have an essay test to invoke your right to free speech or right to vote.

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