Oregon Glock Armorer?

Howdy all!
Just bought a Glock 30. Love it, shot really well this morning in the rain. Cleaning it afterwards I started having trouble.
Installed barrel and recoil springs, replaced slide on lower.
Racked it and hit slide release.
So far so good.
Pulled trigger (dry fire) and noticed the slide goes forward and will fall off the lower assembly as if I used the take-down switch...whiskey tango foxtrot?
Sorry if I mixed up parts and terms.

Does anyone know a Glock Armorer near Coos Bay or know what is going on?

Thanks for any and all help!
PS. The pistol has a Jarvis Match Barrel, wolf springs/guide rods. I went back to stock barrel and wolf springs/guide and it works fine, but I do not trust it is fixed.
Also there are lots of great/decent videos on youtube about disassembly/assembly of guns. Most of the time I find the videos a nice inexpensive resource. Hope this helps!

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